Tips To Focus While Learning Online

Almost all educational institutions have made a shift from old-school learning techniques to digital learning since the pandemic hit the entire world. You must have experienced all of it first hand.

Online learning is something that not everyone is comfortable with, as nothing is as good as the essence of one-on-one classroom learning. But as students, you have to make do with it till things become normal. So, until then, let us get the hang of the new normal?

Here are few tips for students to stay focused while learning online. You can implement these in your day-to-today study schedule to make the best out of it- without missing out on quality education while learning from home.


●      Tip 1- Plan a routine. Stick to it!

First things first! Nothing will ever fall into place if the start of the day itself isn't in the morning but noon. Remember- Getting up 15 minutes before your online lecture will do more harm than any good. You have to stay focused and not half asleep!

Fix a sleep schedule and try sticking to it daily (weekends are always an exception). The habit of getting up early as per your regular school/college timing would help you stay fresh throughout the day!


●      Tip 2- Restrict Social Media Timing

The time you spend scrolling miles on social media affects your scheduled study time to a great extent. Mind isn't a machine and CAN NOT focus on two things at once. So maybe let us prioritize the task that's going to benefit in the long run? STUDY!

Keep all your electronic gadgets aside, turn off all the notifications and study without worrying about the number of likes you got on your latest post. With dedicated time for studies, you can focus better and grasp things more efficiently. Two hours spent studying with sheer commitment and focus are always productive than the five hours spent studying with a phone by your side.


●      Tip 3- Use Timer

Set timeline and dedicate the required amount of time for each subject. You can prepare a schedule according to which subject is more fun studying in the morning or the evening.

For instance, you can keep two hours for maths in the morning with all the freshness, complete sleep hours and when no one's around to disturb you.

This brings us to our next tip, find noise-free spaces to study.


●      Tip 4- Select the best corner of your house to sit and study

Be it the person next door getting his pipe in the kitchen fixed or the sound of a pressure cooker in your home- every noise effects and shifts your focus in some way or the other. So, to tackle the problem, make that particular area your study corner, where there's likely to be zero to no disturbance at all, and make it as comfortable as you can. You can also play soothing and concentrating music in the background.


●      Tip 5- Take Timely Breaks

Reward yourself every time to complete your tasks on time. Take timely breaks as and when you feel exhausted studying. There's a reason why every education centre has break time/recess in between the studying hours. To clear up your mind, freshen up your mood, energize yourself and get back to studying again, but this time with new energy and refreshed state of mind.

Try implementing all these tips today itself. You will see the results in a few days when you are more focused and on the right track while studying. You can also sign up on GetMiClass and get access to notes as well as mock test to boost your preparations.