Tips to prepare and focus on JEE Main

Since most of the students must have gone through the syllabus to date, they need to utilize this extra time more effectively and productively, bringing the best out of it. They need to stay positive, make necessary changes in their learning strategies, and analyze their setbacks.


Here are some important suggestions to help you concentrate on your JEE Main preparation –


1.        Make a feasible study plan and practice more mock tests –


This method is key to increase your focus on JEE Main preparation. Plan out each subject and give in more time for the ones which you find difficult to grasp. Strengthen your knowledge by solving more mock tests and past years' papers.


Adapt smart learning instead of rote learning, which makes you understand concepts, rather than a wrong impression or understanding of a particular concept. Solving mock test papers helps to be thorough with the concepts.


Since, the mock test is similar to the actual paper, which consists of all the concepts from the syllabus, it helps you to identify your strong and weak areas.


Take regular breaks from time to time. Keep the breaks short, about 10-15 minutes after every hour, which helps in the proper functioning of the brain and freshens up your mind. It ensures you maintain a good concentration level and also gives you energy.


Also, improve your speed, accuracy, and time management skills by practicing more mock test papers since most of the students fail to finish the paper within the given time.

2.        Choose the best resources to study online –

GetMiClass is an attested website that offers you free as well as paid mock test papers, with video solutions for K-CET, JEE Main, and NEET UG aspirants out there. The subscription is also budget-friendly.

You can also refer to other websites or YouTube videos that help you to understand the concepts better. Avoid wasting your time by taking down notes during online classes since they are recorded and can be watched again multiple times. Instead, pay attention to the class and try to participate in it, which results in a better understanding of concepts.

While taking down notes, make sure you write them in your own words, which makes it easier to understand and grasp concepts. When your lecturer mentions an important topic during the session, make sure you highlight them as well.

3.       Follow-up the three-tier revision method and analyze self-assessment –

For those of you who are not familiar with the term three-tier revision, it is a revision method in which a student should first revise a particular concept on the first day and then, should revise the same concept after 3 days and finally, at the end of the week.

This method will help you to get a stronghold on the topics, which stays in your memory for a longer period. Since you have more time to prepare for your JEE Main exam, you can follow up on this method, which is worth the effort.


It is time-saving and is very effective in competitive exams like JEE Main. Also, give in time to self-analyze your performance. It gives you a clear idea of the status of your preparation level.


Ensure that you utilize your time carefully and make it productive each day. Prioritize your time for each subject and follow an effective study routine.


Wishing luck to all the JEE Main aspirants!